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Acknowledgment Offer Complaint Boxing simulator AEROFIT – SLAM MAN

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Boxing Trainer AEROFIT – SLAM MAN

Slam Man is a revolutionary fitness and boxing simulator. This is a great way to keep fit, relieve stress and hone boxing and kickboxing techniques. With regular training, you can increase endurance, increase dexterity, improve coordination, hone speed and power of impact, as well as work out all the major muscle groups. Features: – 3 levels of training: beginner, intermediate and advanced. – 8 large lamps illuminated in random order, improve coordination and response. – Feedback messages about successful hits. – An adjustable sensor to determine the necessary force of impact on the target. – 3 dummy height settings: from 162 to 183 cm. – When the base is filled with sand, Slam Man is stable enough for a person of average complexion to beat him in the stomach with maximum force. – Possessing a high density, pneumatically formed polyethylene plastic guarantees return to its original form without wrinkles or splitting under any temperature conditions.

Width: 41.9 (cm) Height: 182.8 (cm) Weight: 11 (kg) Warranty: 12 months On credit: from 0% CENTURION Adjustable Punch Man-Medium Water Dummy

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CENTURION Adjustable Punch Man-Medium Water Dummy

The new model of CENTURION water filling bags from DFC Bag for practicing impacts from all sides.

152-181 (cm) CENTURY Wavemaster Water Fill Bag

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CENTURY Wavemaster Water Bag

The CENTURY Wavemaster water bag can withstand your shock. But opponents – no!

Width: 61 (cm) 120 to 173 (cm) Filling weight: 130 (kg) CENTURY Hydrocore water filling bag

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CENTURY Hydrocore Water Bag

Cylindrical suspended water-filling bag – this excellent projectile is disassembled and assembled in 5 minutes.

35.5 (cm) 132 (cm) 54, 4 (kg) CENTURY Wavemaster Super X Combo Water Bag

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CENTURY Wavemaster Super X Combo Water Bag

A version of the popular model of a water filling bag for practicing point impacts. Everything is included for training.

45 (cm) 120-172 (cm) 14 (kg) CENTURY Bob-Box children’s water bag

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CENTURY Bob-Box children’s water bag

Dummy for practicing blows – for children and adolescents. Initial training will be more effective and closer to reality.

from 127 to 140 (cm) 77 (kg)

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