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Leaders of Bashmakov will be responsible for dozens of killings

Nikolai Kozhukhar and Alexander Danilchenko, the leaders of the largest gang of Crimea, who accounted for several dozen brutal murders and attempts, were sent to the dock.

On a hot afternoon on July 12, 1995, two strong guys appeared near the railway station in the very center of Simferopol. They approached one of the parked foreign cars, took out Kalashnikovs and literally riddled the interior with bullets. In the car was Olga Dziuba – the wife of criminal authority Oleg Dziuba – her two guards and a driver. They all died. A few hours later, the killers blew up Jiuba himself.

The execution of the Dziuba family was the revenge of the new leaders of the Bashmaki gang for the murder of their leader Viktor Bashmakov. It is believed that in the summer of 1994 it was precisely on the order of Dziuba that his killers shot from machine guns near Simferopol Bashmakov and his guards. So Dziuba got rid of long-standing debt.

Reports of gang warfare for residents of the Crimea at that time were commonplace. The groups divided the spheres of influence, not sparing the leaders and ordinary fighters, competitors and businessmen, leaving random people after the showdown.

Gang with handwritingLegendary Crimean gang “Bashmaki” grew out of a group of thimbles that appeared on the Crimean peninsula back in the late 1980s. The name was received from the name of its founder, a former trucker Viktor Bashmakov. After his murder, the criminal group was led by Nikolai Kozhuhar (Moldavan) and Alexander Danilchenko (Danila).

With the liquidation of rival Oleg Dziuba, the new bloody history of Bashmakov actually began. Their specialization was the extortion of money from entrepreneurs for patronage and protection from other groups operating in the Crimea. The gang then included about 1, 5 thousand people.

On August 4, 1995, the wife of the president of the Crimean football club Dynamo, Mamed Isaev, saw through the window how unknown young people were pushing her husband into a foreign car. Later it turned out that the Bashmakites took him to a forest belt in the Saki region of Crimea and tortured him for a long time. The bandits, speaking on behalf of the rival Tavria football club, asked Isaev for free players.

“Isaev’s internal organs were completely recaptured, the man was driven several times by car,” said one of the investigators involved in the case in 2000, told Life. – Isaev pretended to be dead. When the bandits left, he managed to crawl to the track. But he died later in the hospital. Although he managed to give all the necessary evidence.

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