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Warm up before training – the whole head. Without properly stretching the muscles, it is stupid and even dangerous to start serious loads.

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In essence, all these are the basics of physical education. Which, however, few people remember. Why do I need a warm-up before training? Firstly, to prepare the muscles, ligaments, heart and blood vessels, in a word, the whole body to the load. Heated muscles and joints work better, so the range of motion and the intensity of the workout increase markedly. Secondly, to avoid injury. According to the British Medical Journal, regular warm-up reduces the risk of stretching in training by half.

Obviously, each sport needs its own workout. To understand them, I asked professionals – athletes and fitness instructors how they prepare for training.

Gym workout


“Better to warm up without training than training without warm-up,” says Andrei Panteleev, trainer and nutritionist at the Planet Fitness chain of clubs. – Without a warm-up, you will not be able to perform a given number of repetitions or use the planned weight. In addition, you have every chance of getting an injury that will relieve you of the pleasure of visiting the hall for a week, or even more. “

Warm-up is carried out from top to bottom, from head to feet, and from limbs to the body. It’s better to start with low-amplitude swings, forward and side bends, semi-squats. You can perform a warm-up approach with low weights so that the muscles remember the movements and prepare for the main work. Half of the working weight is suitable for this. “I give cardiac workloads to some customers,” Panteleev adds, “7-10 minutes of a treadmill at a speed of 7-9 km / h. I’ll adjust the load, taking into account the well-being and mood of a person. ”

Actually, Andrei stated all these subtleties to me while I energetically paced along the running road. In parallel, he tracked my heartbeat, and only when it reached a critical 150 beats per minute did he propose to go to the main training.

Boxer workout

Boxing is already recognized as a complete alternative to fitness. However, in order to communicate with the pear as efficient as possible, a special workout is required.

“In boxing, the main thing is sharpness,” says Igor Dzhioev, master of sports in boxing, “and a prepared cardiovascular system. The boxer never stands still – he runs along the perimeter of the ring with a jog and at the same time makes swings, rotations with brushes. And it’s necessarily accelerating. ”

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