Children’s Boxing Gloves

Children's gloves for boxing RDX

The Green Hill brand pays significant attention to supporting children’s boxing, as evidenced by the company’s product range. It presents children’s boxing gloves made in accordance with the physiological structure of the child’s hand. The price of Green Hill children’s gloves is attractive to parents of young athletes.

Features of boxing gloves for children Green Hill

Protection of hands from injuries depends on the equipment of the boxer. In children’s sports, the problem has one more side – the prevention of injury to the sparring partner if one of the participants still does not know how to calculate their strength.

Green Hill boxing gloves for children are designed with both aspects in mind, making them safe for the wearer and his opponent in the ring. Their design:

It doesn’t allow the thumb to close the fist, which reduces the force of the blow. It is filled with a formed polyurethane foam that protects the hands from injuries – “Works” using the innovative Anti-Shock system, which disperses the points of impacts to avoid their concentration and subsequent injuries — It has an optimal weight in 6 ounces, which allows you to recommend boxing gloves for children aged 7 to 9 years. It has an ergonomic shape of a child’s hand, so you can buy children’s boxing gloves that are perfect young athlete. Comfortable and lightweight, they will not be larger and “hang out” on their hands, which often accompanies “adult” accessories used by children.

Among the models of children’s boxing gloves, you will find accessories with a synthetic leather upper with Velcro cuff. They serve their owners for a long time, retain their shape and attractive appearance. The colors of the accessories are classic red and blue tones.

How to buy boxing gloves for children Green Hill?

Check out our assortment and place an order online. To do this, leave a request for children’s boxing gloves in the “Question and Answer” section or call the company’s office in Moscow by phone (499) 152-28-07.

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