How to Beat a Pear Correctly

How to beat a pear?

Method 1

Learn the punching technique; Learn the punching technique to punch harder. You will not succeed with poor equipment. And the right technique will not only make your strike stronger, but also more effective, that is, you will spend less energy on its implementation. Put your feet and legs correctly. Your legs and feet are the anchors of your weight. They should not only help you keep your balance, but also allow you to transfer the energy of the impact from the hips to the upper part, right down to the fist. Here are some simple tips: Use your hips and torso for extra power. Try hitting something while keeping your hips or torso still. You will not get a strong blow. Now try to simultaneously rotate your hips and torso at the same time. This blow will turn out at least twice as strong as the first. Professional golfers, tennis, and baseball players use this technique. With the help of their hips and torso, they strengthen the blow. And nothing prevents you from doing the same. Using your hips, pull your torso back. Imagine cocking a trigger. Then begin to move the hips in the opposite direction, twisting the torso towards the target. Before you hit, exhale the air. After exhaling, you can relax your muscles just before the fist touches the target. If you are unable to do this correctly, then exhale with noise during the blow. During the blow, slightly tilt your head, press your chin, and look at your target. You will need to tilt your head and press your chin to protect yourself during a counterattack. .Keep the enemy in sight to see where to strike. Let the hand and fist be as one. In addition to being able to use your hips to strike, you also need to be able to properly use your hand and fist. Here are some tips you can use to get the most effective punch possible. Keep your hand and fist relaxed just before contact. As soon as you touch the enemy, then strain your fist. A relaxed hand and fist will give speed, and a clenched fist will give power. Beat in a straight line, not in an arc. It would be very tempting to strike an arc, but don’t do it. Remember that the force of the blow comes from your hips and torso, and not from the trajectory of your hand. Do not take your hand or fist back. Thus, you will show the opponent what you are going to do. Aim at the most painful places. Try to get to such places in order to immediately put an enemy out of action: Chin Temples Solar plexus

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