Kickboxing for Beginners

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Kickboxing is a great option for those who are tired of dull everyday life and are looking for an opportunity to diversify their lives. The professional league and professional Boxing and Kickboxing club “KITEK” is pleased to offer everyone to try the taste of real wrestling and fighting excitement.

Kickboxing lessons for beginners are conducted only by experienced trainers who are professionally involved in sports. In the first classes, novice fighters learn the basics, rules and forbidden techniques during the fight, and then proceed to intensive training. Kickboxing for beginners at KITEK has no age restrictions, the main condition for training is only your desire. Already the first training will infect you with love for this type of struggle and will give you a number of significant bonuses in the future:

an excellent technique of strokes – increasing endurance and strength – overcoming fears – losing extra pounds – developing confidence and stress resistance – improving speed and reaction – developing willpower and tenacity – healing the whole body.

Kickboxing lessons will become a passion for those who are able to overcome laziness in order to achieve real results.

The basics of kickboxing are similar to classic boxing. Both types of wrestling have the same stance, punches, defense techniques and moving around the ring.

A distinctive feature in the kickboxer technique is the presence of kicks, which are also heavily emphasized and carefully worked out. During training, the athlete learns to hit the enemy from various positions and heights.

The first kickboxing lesson will introduce those involved in stretching and the correct technique of kicks and arms. Much attention will be paid to defense in the lessons and, if you train well, you will be able to work out sparring techniques on the first day, and the result of the training will be immediately noticeable.

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