Rashguard Hayabusa

Short Sleeve Rashguard

RASHGUARD HAYABUSA ELEVATE ● Excellent protection against unscrupulous sparring partners. After all, we all know that the struggle involves constant contact with another person and obscenities. And in this equipment the probability of catching some kind of skin disease, irritation or acne is reduced to zero ● Applied compression technology provides accelerated blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles ● Warm up becomes more effective, your muscles activate faster and their recovery time is accelerated ● In this you are not afraid of minor abrasions and burns on mats. ● During a break, this equipment does not allow your body to cool, which helps prevent stretching, minor muscle injuries and matings. ● Micro-fabric provide an ideal thermoregulation, bringing sweat ● Day after day, the antimicrobial properties of this T-shirt to prevent the growth of bacteria and the formation of odor ● Aesthetic athlete, especially if you have a raised body. A soldier dressed in such a tight-fitting outfit looks very impressive and frightening for his opponent ● They pass air well, dry very quickly and practically do not tear. To ruin and tear such equipment you need to make a lot of effort. And it’s very convenient and effective to practice it, you practically don’t feel it on yourself, because it is very light. ● Sublimated design that will never be erased ● The fabric stretches in four directions

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