Winding Boxing Bandages

How to tie boxing

Functional training using boxing bags, paws, makivar is very effective and incredibly interesting. But the use of boxing equipment requires compliance with shock equipment and the use of special ammunition. Today we choose bandages! Boxing bandages support the joints of the wrist in a physiological position and prevent damage to the upper layers of the skin.

Varieties of bandages: * cotton- * elastic (Mexican) – * bandage gloves.

The protection of the first type is a dense cotton tape with a loop for the thumb and fixing Velcro. 100% cotton bandages “breathe” well and absorb sweat. If during their winding to avoid excessive efforts, there will be no mechanical squeezing of muscle tissue and blood vessels and the sensitivity of all nerve endings will remain.

Elastic bandages consist of a combination of synthetic and natural materials. Spandex is the most common supplement, which significantly increases the extensibility of the tissue strip. Mexican bandages are practical, hold the fist tight, without affecting its mobility, but at the same time they are characterized by less breathability and lose their original shape faster. Taping their hands with Mexican bandages, many beginners show such zeal that they disrupt normal blood flow.

Bandage gloves are designed for express-taping brushes. Using this protection option, there is no need to waste time wrapping. From classical bandages, there is nothing in them but the performance of the same function. In fact, this is a lightweight version of the gloves with their fingers trimmed, protecting the shock of the fist. Bandage gloves sit comfortably on your hands, any beginner can put on this equipment on his own, but choosing innovative protection, it is recommended to pay attention to its size.

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