Kickboxing Photos


The first professional kickboxing tournament took place in the regional capital ?? “Confrontation.” In the main fight of the evening, the Khabarovsk resident Alexander Grinchuk and the Ukrainian Yuri Gorbenko met for the CIS champion belt. The victory by unanimous decision was won by the local kickboxer.

The first professional kickboxing tournament was held within the walls of the Universal Regional Sports Complex. The organization reminded the recent tournament on the modern pankration “Eastern Frontier-2”, but more modest in scale. However, the main attributes in the form of a ring announcer, the release of fighters from the scene to the ring, broadcast with a commentator and ring girls were present. But the main thing happened in the fights, of which there were eight. Most of the participants were debutants in professional kickboxing, since in the Far East it practically does not exist. And only “Confrontation” opened a new page in this sport.

The first to come out were a resident of Vladivostok, Zhenishbek Rakhmanzhan and Khabarovsk resident Sulton Ablakulov. The fight was not the most spectacular, as the rivals looked closely at each other for a long time. The successful actions of the seaside kickboxer in the second round became the guarantee of the first victory of the evening. The second fight between Sergey Ustyugov (Khabarovsk) and Alexei Sobkalo (Voronezh) ended with the only knockout of the evening of the last fighter at the end of the third round. Leonid Pekarsky in the third battle could not get a second victory for the regional capital, losing to Yegor Zvyagintsev from Blagoveshchensk. In the very lightweight, up to 60 kilograms Nikita Yashchuk (Khabarovsk) and Mikhail Kovylin (Ussuriysk) converged. The fighters showed a lively and interesting match, the victory in which by unanimous decision went to the Khabarovsk citizen.