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Newspapers, bags and pans – all this can now be simply forgotten, as a convenient food container called lunch box has long appeared and is in great demand. Now you will keep up to date by taking your lunch out of your purse in a fashionable and original container. In addition, the food in it maintains the temperature, which reminds of home comfort during the lunch hours of a busy day.

With lunch box you can significantly diversify your menu, as you can put in it not only hot food, but also any other food, for example, cottage cheese pancakes or berries, which, being in a bag in the corner of your bag, would not have a very attractive appearance.

Take care of loved ones

Is your child still eating in the school cafeteria? Now this is not necessary, and he can eat delicious mother’s sandwiches from the original box.

You can buy lunch box in Moscow today in every dishware store. But will it be different from ordinary kitchen containers? If you want to give care to your family and please them with an unexpected and original gift, then the best solution for you would be an online store of creative gifts.

The catalog contains boxes of different sizes and volumes, shapes and colors. In addition, children’s models are distinguished by colorful drawings and original designs. You can be sure that having bought a lunch box in our store, you will not meet anything like this anywhere. What else is needed for a child who wants to stand out among his peers with something original and exclusive?

Choosing gifts in our online store, you will be convinced of the uniqueness of the assortment of goods, because Enjoy-Me is:

the most creative ideas-new brands-careful selection of assortment-high quality products-affordable prices, etc.

Here you will find thousands of useful and original little things for home comfort and many gifts that will delight the recipient. A variety of kitchen items from famous brand brands will make your life much brighter.

Boxing paws

Boxing paws Stingrey PS
fmb-8017 paws boxing Green Hill

Boxing paw “Cuba”. The top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather.

fmc-5010 paws boxingcuba (small) (steam) Green Hill

Boxing paw “Cuba”. The top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather. The wrist is fixed on the Velcro.

fmf-8000b paw boxing curved green hill

The boxing paw is curved, the top is made of leatherette, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of leatherette.

fmj-5012 paw boxing “Jet” Green Hill

Boxing paw “Jet”. The top is made of genuine leather, thickness 5cm. In the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather, elongated. The wrist is fixed with Velcro and elastic.

fms-5014 paw boxing Green Hill

Boxing paw ‘Super New’, the top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather. The impact surface is made with a recess.

fmt-0042 paws boxing target (par.) Green Hill

Boxing paw “Target”, curved. The top is made of genuine leather. The compartment for the brush is also made of leather.

fms-5005 paws boxing.crest (par.) Green Hill

Boxing paw ‘Crest’. The top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather. Elongated, Velcro fastening.

“gfm-5009 paws boxing.cuba (steam) Green Hill”

Boxing paw “Cuba”, square. The top is made of faux leather. The wrist is attached with Velcro.

“grm-5007 paw boxing. royal / special (pairs) Green Hill”

Boxing paw. Made of faux leather. The wrist is fixed on the Velcro.

Green Hill Company offers to buy boxing paws at affordable prices. High-quality sports equipment will last a long time, help hone the athlete’s skills, and ensure safety in the training ring. To select an accessory, read the recommendations on the use of its various types and a description of the models.

Features of Green Hill’s Boxing Paws

The products in this catalog are made of genuine and artificial leather. The advantage of the former is a longer service life, since especially durable leather is used for their manufacture. Paws for boxing made of artificial materials are less, but cheaper. The brand logo is applied on the outside of the accessories.

Home Boxing Training


The combination of step and jump is an effective and common technique in boxing. However, for beginner boxers, mastering it is difficult for her, mainly in terms of coordination of movements. But, as you know, “the road will overpower the going.”

In order to develop these abilities in yourself, there are special exercises that can be performed both in the room and independently at home.

Increased difficulty

The complexity of this technique also lies in the fact that a jump strike is conceived and implemented in a rapidly changing combat situation, with continuous enemy opposition, attacks and counterattacks.

The effectiveness of a jump strike directly depends on the speed and accuracy of its application. The entire body weight should be invested in the blow.

If your opponent is tall and prefers to hit from a long distance, you need to change the situation in the ring in your favor. With the help of a jump, you can reduce the distance, while avoiding, for example, a direct hit with the left hand in the head, which among high athletes often reaches the target and unbalances the defending boxer.

Melee is the most effective method against a tall, long-armed boxer. And this is an effective entry into the close range due to jumps and more bounces, slopes and dives is supplemented daily with new video materials available for free viewing without registration.

Moreover, each strike should be evaluated with lightning speed by its effect on the enemy. Depending on this, to decide on the transition to more decisive actions, that is, strikes on a jump, during the implementation of which biases are important – the main protective arsenal of boxers who prefer active combat at close range. They are most advantageous precisely in a battle with a high enemy working at a long distance.

What is the trick?

When applying jump strikes, a jump is made on two legs, while maintaining the distance between the legs. At a long distance, a leap is made on two legs and immediately a long distance retreat due to a sharp unexpected reduction in distance. This is the “trick” of such attacks.

If we talk about the combination of direct and side impacts, a long straight and side can be inflicted on the jump. But you need to remember that when the enemy is tall or moves well, he often goes on a slope.

Kickboxing classes

In addition, regular classes

Unfortunately, no matter how much we would like it, strength exercises do not have a direct effect on breast augmentation, as The breast consists mainly of fat cells. When the fat layer increases, then the breast will increase. At the same time, with a general decrease in the fat layer, the fat layer on the chest will decrease, and accordingly, the breast itself will also slightly decrease. But strength exercises will give her a tone and help build muscle.

How to reduce breasts?

No part of the body can be reduced without losing weight. Run 4-7 km 3-4 times a week. Start from 2-3 km and add 5-7 minutes to the running time every fourth day. In addition to general weight loss, it is necessary to strengthen the pectoral muscles in order to raise the chest.

How to strengthen chest muscles?

Kickboxing or swimming will help. For training, you can also use a punching bag (tightly cushioned pillow, mattress). Various strokes against the pear – from above, from below, from the left, from the right – help to form beautiful muscles of the arms and pectoral muscles. To strengthen muscles, you can use sets of exercises to strengthen chest muscles:

Complexes of exercises for strengthening the muscles of the chest:

You will need dumbbells. Lying on your back, take your hands to the sides, and like a butterfly lift up. So 50 times in 3 sets. Exhale when you raise your hands. Exhale when you lower.

Also, lying on his back, but this time his hands along the body. Raise your arms with dumbbells up and down. 50 times in 3 sets.

Exercise with an expander. Take the expander and stretch to the sides. 50 times in 3 sets.

Perform regular push ups. The back is straight, the stomach is picked up. Legs can be extended, and you can lean on your knees. 50 times. In addition to the chest, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back.

Stand on all fours, legs slightly apart, bend your arms slightly at the elbows. In this position, alternately straighten and bend your back, like a kitty, movements should be uniform and rhythmic. Such an exercise is also useful for the spine.