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The Boxing Federation of Russia together with the Man publishing house in March 2011 released the second edition of the Boxing Encyclopedia. The content is based on information and statistics listing winners: the 1904–2008 Olympic Games, the 1974–2009 World Championships, the 1925–2010 European Championships, all the USSR championships, the 1992–2010 Russian Championships, and the Goodwill Games 1986–2001, World Cups 1979–2008, AIBA President Cups 2008–2009, Russian Cups 1994–2006 For the first time, statistics on world championships 2001-2008 are included. and European Championships 2001-2009 among women, student world championships 2004 – 2010 The winners of the Val Barker Cup, the best boxers of the world championships are indicated. For the first time, materials have been prepared on the development of women’s boxing in Russia.

The second edition of the Encyclopedia includes biographical information about all Olympic champions in 1904-2008, Russian champions and winners of the Olympic Games and World Championships, European champions, world champions among professional boxers from the CIS countries, as well as coaches, leading referees, leaders of the Federation, functionaries of amateur and professional boxing, journalists. Materials were prepared on the latest changes in the structures of AIBA, EABA and the ECB, the creation of the World Boxing Series. For the first time, the book includes articles on all countries included in AIBA. The information on the leading organizations of professional boxing WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF has been supplemented. A large number of articles are devoted to the development of boxing in all regions of Russia. Materials on the development of boxing in Dynamo, Armed Forces, RSSS, Youth of Russia, FSO Rossiya and Lokomotiv were supplemented. For the first time, materials have been included on the formation of boxing in the MGFSO, the Ministry of Internal Affairs system and the results of the participation of Russian boxers in the World Games among policemen.

The Boxing Federation of Russia (Markov V.A. – 8 (495) -637-04-72) asks to send applications for the purchase of an encyclopedia to the address of the publishing house “Man”.

Sports Pear

Professional boxing
After only 3 weeks, I have to enter the ring against Kuchinsky Gromila, whose shadow in the forest strip terrifies the Moscow Region women and the nervousness of the district policemen who are afraid of losing their jobs. It will be an epic battle, and only one should leave the ring alive.

(poster author)

The enemy is in earnest and gutting punching bags, ruining Balashikha gymnasium one after another. From the video with its powerful blows, even my shrimp fell out of my mouth!

Well, I’ll tell you how my training goes, what Pattaya days consist of. In sports terms, there’s nothing to brag about yet! After all, it is a city of sin and bodily pleasures, not exhausting workouts. Morning begins with a hearty breakfast at O’Garas Irish Pub. Indeed, I myself put it in the top 5 best places in Pattaya for breakfast. 2.

However, this may well be a special institution for Continental super breakfasts, serving English, Texas, Belgian, Irish, Bavarian and hell knows what other options. Some people prefer the smoked fish option. 3.

Further – an unhurried walk, with a call to one of the fresh residential complexes. We need to look for a place for the next wintering, if this takes place. This option, with a whole lagoon and ships, seems to be quite good. 4.

The artificial grotto-jacuzzi, which is dipped in a secluded corner, especially pins. Very romantic place. 5.

But it’s too early to settle now – repairs are still underway there. In autumn – it will be just right.

The bell rings – it’s time to go to the sauna! We sit down and go. Korean institution is located 15km from Pattaya. There is even a plasma in the steam room, with Korean programs. I have never seen this. 6.

Here I am swimming, gaining strength. Tonight it would be necessary to go to the training room of Thai boxing, to hammer a punching bag. But a sauna with tea parties, a wifi and two steam rooms takes all the hours until sunset. 7.

Evening falls on the city of sins. You have to catch the popophosest with your readers. Among them are veterans of the internal affairs bodies and former employees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, so everything is serious, their photos will not be. There will be only mountains of sushi, the freshest sashimi and huge rolls with salmon.

How to Choose Boxing Gloves

How to choose boxing

Arriving in the section of hand-to-hand combat, boxing, Muay Thai or other contact martial arts, immediately after the mouth guard you should purchase boxing gloves. How to choose boxing gloves, what to focus on and how not to overpay for your first gloves will be discussed later. After the depreciation of the ruble, the prices of good imported boxing gloves have skyrocketed and the price / quality ratio is very relevant.

In this article we will talk about “amateur” gloves, since in “professional combat” boxing is exclusively professional and only in official fights.

What should be the weight of the glove. Gloves are separated by weight, which is measured in ounces (Oz). Usually in Russian halls they work with 10-12 Oz gloves, however, in some sections for sparring they use heavier gloves. Before buying, ask your trainer. Typically, you will need 10 Oz gloves, or 12 if you’re a heavyweight.

What to look for first. In amateur boxing gloves, the thumb is positioned along the fist. The better it is “hidden” behind the impact area of ​​the glove, the less likely it is to injure a finger in case of an unsuccessful hit. If when trying to see that the thumb sticks out to the side – do not take such gloves. This moment is disassembled on video.

Boxing gloves should sit well on the hand. Everyone has different fists, try on gloves before buying this or that model. It is better to measure in boxing bandages. Gloves should sit tight enough and not hang out. Elongated gloves are more suitable for me.

A gloved fist should be more or less tightly compressed. The denser it is, the safer your brush is when it hits. Having tried on several models, you will understand what is at stake.

Velcro – it is she who is often the first to fail. It also depends on the Velcro how comfortable the glove sits on your hand. I prefer Velcro gloves on the back of the forearm above the wrist. The higher and wider the Velcro, the “lighter” the gloves appear on the hand.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves Ronin Attack

You can buy boxing gloves from the most famous manufacturers. The assortment of our store has more than 200 models and this list is constantly updated.

You can buy boxing gloves from the most famous manufacturers. The assortment of our store has more than 200 models and this list is constantly updated. Boxing is considered to be one of the most traumatic sports. As in any business, your skill will increase with each training. Therefore, from the very beginning, you just need to buy boxing gloves, bandages and a cap. This is a “gentleman” set for a boxer.

However, the task of buying boxing gloves in the online store is not easy. A lot of parameters are important, such as length of service, body weight, arm size, format of use, material, brand and so on. At the same time, there are dozens of manufacturers from the USA and Pakistan, from Russia and China, from Thailand and Germany.

How not to get confused here? In order for you to buy boxing gloves and enjoy using them, we have developed a convenient search and selection system for various criteria.

Since November 2104, it has become much easier to buy boxing gloves in Moscow, because we have opened a large store where everyone can come, try on and choose any equipment.

When asked how much boxing gloves cost, our operators answer: “In different ways!)”. After all, our boxing gloves prices start at 800 rubles and end for 10,000. By the way, the price of boxing gloves in the store is the same as in the online store.