Boxing Information


The Boxing Federation of Russia together with the Man publishing house in March 2011 released the second edition of the Boxing Encyclopedia. The content is based on information and statistics listing winners: the 1904–2008 Olympic Games, the 1974–2009 World Championships, the 1925–2010 European Championships, all the USSR championships, the 1992–2010 Russian Championships, and the Goodwill Games 1986–2001, World Cups 1979–2008, AIBA President Cups 2008–2009, Russian Cups 1994–2006 For the first time, statistics on world championships 2001-2008 are included. and European Championships 2001-2009 among women, student world championships 2004 – 2010 The winners of the Val Barker Cup, the best boxers of the world championships are indicated. For the first time, materials have been prepared on the development of women’s boxing in Russia.

The second edition of the Encyclopedia includes biographical information about all Olympic champions in 1904-2008, Russian champions and winners of the Olympic Games and World Championships, European champions, world champions among professional boxers from the CIS countries, as well as coaches, leading referees, leaders of the Federation, functionaries of amateur and professional boxing, journalists. Materials were prepared on the latest changes in the structures of AIBA, EABA and the ECB, the creation of the World Boxing Series. For the first time, the book includes articles on all countries included in AIBA. The information on the leading organizations of professional boxing WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF has been supplemented. A large number of articles are devoted to the development of boxing in all regions of Russia. Materials on the development of boxing in Dynamo, Armed Forces, RSSS, Youth of Russia, FSO Rossiya and Lokomotiv were supplemented. For the first time, materials have been included on the formation of boxing in the MGFSO, the Ministry of Internal Affairs system and the results of the participation of Russian boxers in the World Games among policemen.

The Boxing Federation of Russia (Markov V.A. – 8 (495) -637-04-72) asks to send applications for the purchase of an encyclopedia to the address of the publishing house “Man”.