Kickboxing or Boxing

“Dmitry Baranov’s Leadership Principles” international master of sports in kickboxing

The future kickboxing champion of Belarus, smelter-spreader of workshop No. 8 of Naftan OJSC Dmitry Baranov came to his first training at the age of eight. Now he is 29. During his sports career, a master of sports of international class conducted more than 400 fights. 10 of them took place in 2016 to an Iranian rival at the Legend of IMEI K-1 rules tournament in China. In August, Naftanovets won the battle of the aforementioned tournament. And in October, the kickboxer reached the semi-finals of this competition and took third place in the European kickboxing championship in Slovenia.

Dmitry Baranov is training on the basis of Novopolotsk. According to him, the ideal and example for each athlete is a coach. And the best teacher for himself is Peter Hamenok. During the preparation for the competition, the athlete meets his mentor twice a day. In normal mode, Dmitry trains at least once a day and comes to the gym twice on weekends.

Last year, the kickboxing championship of Belarus became the most significant for Dmitry Baranov. Naftanovets not only snatched the victory from last year’s champion, but also made his light heavyweight debut (81 kg). Prior to that, he boxed in the 75 kg category. The competition became the qualifying stage of the European Championship. In addition to Dmitry, the number of winners of the championship included his colleague not only in sports, but also in workshop No. 8 Alexander Kupreshkin.

“The main champion qualities are hard work, aspiration, willpower and fortitude,” says Dmitry Baranov. – The most difficult thing is when you need to train, grit your teeth, when your hands drop, when you feel moral and physical fatigue. At such moments it is important not to give up. After all, for any defeat, you need to go forward, correct and sort out the mistakes in the port hall with the coach, and improve the further training process. For example, I carefully study the video of rival fights. Knowledge of competitive tactics is the key to future success. The battle has begun – and the athlete, if he wants to win, has no right to make a mistake.

Dmitry admitted that he will remember tournaments in China all his life. Acquaintance with this great power made a strong impression on the naftan, despite the fact that he attended competitions in Brazil, Thailand, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia and other countries. For the opportunity to participate in international level tournaments, the athlete is grateful to the administration

Kickboxing Tutorial


Start training! What prevents you from starting training right away? You can immediately bring a bunch of reasons: there is no coach, place, equipment, sparring partner, the necessary shells. But are they a real barrier to training ?! No, this is just a myth or “excuses”, as you wish.

If you recall, then most of the martial arts were invented by simple poor people in order to have at least some self-defense and learn to defend their truth. And they did not always have enough money for food, not to mention special equipment and equipment for the development of combat skills, which at that time did not even exist. But they had excellent motivation and a great desire to live better.

The main thing is to have the desire to train. And the means and methods for this will be in your head. Or on the expanses of the omnipotent Internet (for example, in this article).

I want to dispel the myth right away that kickboxing cannot be comprehended on its own. When you train at home, you can very well learn to fight, understand the basics of kickboxing and get a decent physical development. For this, you do not need a super trainer and state-of-the-art equipment (unless, of course, you do not strive to perform professionally in the ring). Your desire and detailed tutorial will be enough.

All the equipment needed for training is not difficult to build from improvised means. I already wrote about the boxing bag, and today I’ll tell you what other kickboxing equipment you can do with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself wall pillow / It is very convenient to use a wall pillow in home workouts:

– Doesn’t take up much space $ – Attaches to the wall $ – Requires a minimum of space around you to practice blows with your hands and feet– It’s easy to do it yourself from the means at hand ..

To begin with, we will build a shield 60 cm high and 50 cm wide from boards 30 mm thick. In principle, the same shield made of 18 mm plywood has also proved to be quite good. It is advisable to make corners rounded with a jigsaw. On it we put a piece of foam, rags, felt, mat or a cut off part of an old mattress. It is possible in several layers, the thickness should be at least 18 cm. Next, we tighten the whole thing with leather, leatherette dermantine or tarpaulin.

How to Choose Boxing Gloves

Choose boxing gloves. '

Boxing is one of the most beloved sports in Russia. Despite the fact that it originated in England, many Russians consider it to be exclusively a “native” occupation. A guy who is engaged in boxing will be able to fend for himself and his loved ones, he will gain an athletic figure, strength, endurance, stamina.

But if you decide to send your child to the boxing section, then choosing a good coach is not enough to start a young boxer. How to choose the right equipment for the future boxer? Moreover, you never sat down to deal with such things, and your eyes just run away from possible options. You should not buy the cheapest, or the most expensive gloves – the price is far from an indicator of quality.

Few people know that the main task of boxing gloves is not to protect the athlete’s hand, and not so much to protect him from the blow of his opponent. They do not allow you to tightly clench your fist so that the blow is not so strong. For example, everlast gloves, created on the basis of professional sports models, which have become a real bestseller in many sports stores. In them you cannot tightly clench your fist, and to strike with such a hand so hard as to kill the enemy is simply impossible.

You need to start your choice with a large store with a wide range of goods of interest to us. In no case do you need to buy gloves as a gift, as this thing is purely individual, and should ideally fit your hand. Buying them for yourself, try on several options. Of course, it is preferable to box with gloves that are made of expensive materials, they allow air to pass through well, absorb moisture well, so that the athlete’s hand always remains dry.

Pear Children

Pear Children's N60-100

An early-summer variety of selection of VSTISP obtained from the intersection of interspecific hybrid No. 8 with Duchess summer. Authors: Yu. A. Petrov, N.V. Efimova. Distributed in private gardens of Moscow and neighboring regions. Zoned in the Central region.

A tree at a young age with a high-spherical, then a pyramidal crown, formed by strong few branches with frequently placed annuli, on which fruiting is concentrated.

Shoots are medium, fairly thick, straight, light brown (olive yellow). The leaves are medium, smooth, with small-bent edges raised up. Petioles with small stipules.

Fruits are below average, weighing 60-80 g, short pear-shaped, with elevations (pearls) around the calyx. The surface is uneven. The main color is light yellow, the integument is a pinkish-orange blush. The peduncle is of medium length and thickness. Calyx is middle, closed over a small telescope. Seed chambers closed, with well-made brown seeds. There is no axial cavity. The pulp is creamy, juicy, sweet, of excellent taste. By ripening, the fruits are early summer. Ripening is not simultaneous (from late July to mid-August). Fruits are good for fresh consumption and processing, stored in the refrigerator for about a month. Beginning of fruiting – for 4-5 years (from the year of growth in the nursery). Harvests are good and regular. Winter hardiness of the tree is high, at the level of average Russian varieties. The variety is resistant to fungal diseases.

Advantages of the variety: high environmental sustainability, good yields, high consumer qualities of the fruit, early ripening.

The disadvantages of the variety: the small size of the fruit, the exactingness of the tree for forming and reducing pruning.

Boxing History

The history of Soviet boxing

Boxing, as a sport, was officially recognized in England in 1719. Then the popular boxer and fencer James Figg was recognized as the strongest boxer in England. Since then, England regularly keep records of their tournaments. The first sports report about a boxing match was published again in England in 1681 in the newspaper Protestant Mercury. Influential persons present were listed in that report, and the name of the winner was never named. It is known about the fights held in the 13th century, and the origins of boxing go back in time.

In the vicinity of Baghdad, archaeologists found two tiles with images of wrestlers and boxers, who are estimated to be about 5 thousand years old.

According to some legends, the founder of fisticuffs was the hero of Athens Theseus, according to others, the son of Poseidon and the nymph Melia, King Amykus. But, of course, every nation has its own mythical hero.

In the Olympics programs, fist fights appeared at 23 games. The first Olympic champion was Greek Onomastus. Public fist fights were popular in ancient Rome. Emperor Caligula brought slaves of strong physique from Africa and arranged fights between them, and one of the slaves was given to the winner as a reward. The ancient Greek boxer Tagenes is also known, which until now no one can surpass. He won in 1,425 battles.

The first battles were fought with bare fists, then leather belts began to be wound, strengthening hands and fingers. These belts were the prototype of modern gloves.

The official date of birth of professional boxing is considered to be 1892. This year, a legendary duel was held between Sullivan and Corbett. Sullivan, the last-ever world champion in the fists, lost by knockout in the 21st round.

Since professional boxing is primarily entertainment, and the athlete’s earnings depended on the outcome of the duel, he used to be brutal. Rather, it could be called a fight. Kicks, elbows, various grabs and throws, punches below the waist, beating a recumbent, poking fingers in the eyes were allowed. This lasted until the mid-18th century, and header attacks were also allowed in the early 19th century, although they were not encouraged.

Klitschko Kickboxing

Dasha Kochneva / kickboxing

In 1992, the current world boxing champion painfully lost in a kickboxer competition

The Polish sports portal invites its visitors to watch a video in which the famous Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko was sent by an opponent to a deep knockout. Most likely it was Vitaly’s battle with the Englishman Pele Reid.

An archived record of dubious quality is accompanied by the following comment:

“Vitali Klitschko is in a knockout! It’s hard to imagine something like that. Since 2003, the Ukrainian with enviable regularity defeated all his rivals, including the Poles Albert Sosnovsky and Tomasz Adamek, and have never been on the floor of the ring. However, recently in The 1992 video appeared on the web, in which his opponent’s punch was so accurate that the now famous Doctor Iron Fist collapsed like a knocker. “

How to Make a Boxing Pear yourself

DIY punching bag

High quality punching bag boxing floor 143881/1 on a water-filling (filling) base will appeal to all athletic and active boys. The punching bag itself is an inflatable one. Complete with a pear floor is a pump.

The floor pear on the water filling (filling) base has a stand that is adjustable in height from 80-110 cm. The pneumatic boxing pear is made of durable leatherette. Easy to install. Perfect for practicing in the gym and at home.

The lower stand the base of the pear is filled with water, sand or other filler for stability. A high-quality water filling platform with a punching bag in the kit for practicing impact speed, an excellent design for training boxers.

Product specifications: designed to work out strength, rigidity and accuracy of impacts — for stability, the stand at its base is filled with water or sand, the diameter of the support is 33 cm, the diameter of the pear is 23 cm, the height is adjustable: 80-110 cm, the pump is included in the package.

High-quality pear floor on a water-filling (filling) base for practicing various strokes.

Features: The flooring punching bag has a reliable spring base. The punching bag on the water-filling (filling) base has excellent flexibility, which makes it possible to quickly return to its original state. It is firmly fixed with a spring strut to a solid PVC base. The flooring punching bag is easy to assemble and move .In order to give maximum stability to the floor pear, it is enough to fill the plastic base with water or sand. The height of the pear with a base of 110 cm is very convenient for practicing blows.

The mobile, floor pear bag is suitable for training and development of various strokes.

Designed for boxing, martial arts, and for fitness training. Round shape for ease of movement around the machine.

the base is filled with water-height-adjustable. Types of punching bags, design, prices

Boxing pears are designed to work out speed, accuracy and impact force in all types of martial arts, where shock equipment is used.

Types of punching bags

Depending on the method of fastening the pears are divided into:

1) pears on the suspension

2) pears on stretch marks

The pears on the suspension are attached from the upper end with the help of a webbing loop and a special swivel mounted on the platform for the pear.

Kickboxing Shoes

Who should not be changed

The Green Hill catalog includes kickboxing feet. The accessory is designed to be used as protective equipment for athletes during competitions and intense training. The use of ammunition without restrictions is possible in competitions of the highest level.

Features of kickboxing feet from Green Hill

Equipment is a mandatory element of a fighter’s protective kit in kickboxing such as light and full contact, seven-contact combat. Designed to protect the feet and lifting, which are actively involved in the competition. However, the physiology of this part of the legs is not stiff. Soft and flexible joints are concentrated in the area of ​​lifting the foot, damage to which often happens without professional protection.

Kickboxing feet protect the athlete’s legs. They perfectly dampen shocks due to the multilayer construction, prevent painful injuries. Moreover, during training cycles, they become the “guarantor of safety” of the opponent in sparring, as the blows in protective equipment become less severe.

Protective equipment does not have a sole, fastens with elastic bands or elastic Velcro.

The Green Hill catalog includes the following types of feet:

From genuine leather – professional equipment. It is characterized by durability due to the strength of the skin. The inner part is made of polyurethane foam. Presented in red, blue, black colors in 4 sizes. Of faux leather – 2 models “Best”, “Panther”, the inner filling is formed by polyurethane foam. They differ in the design of the shape of the foot, the type of fixation on the foot. Suitable for training, sparring, entry-level competitions, as equipment for young athletes. Price per foot for kickboxing from Green Hill

In company branded outlets and the Intertex Plus online store, you can buy kickboxing feet at an affordable price. You can find out about the location of the store in your city in the section “Where to buy” on our site. You can order kickboxing safety shoes in bulk by phone in Moscow (499) 155-96-53.

Boxing Bandages

Boxing bandages Twins

Boxing or fist fight was included in the program of the first Olympic Games. The surviving ancient Roman sculptures depict fighters whose arm is wrapped in long leather stripes. Modern boxing bandages appeared simultaneously with boxing gloves.

When do you need boxing bandages

The use of bandages helps to solve several problems that boxers face at once. Bandages absorb moisture, and the boxer’s glove stays dry for much longer. The life of high-quality professional boxing gloves is extended. Given that the price of bandages in relation to the cost of gloves is much lower, this allows you to save on sports equipment.

A correctly wound boxing bandage protects against dislocation and fracture of the bone of the fist and wrist, and the tendon – from stretching. The use of bandages helps beginners to strengthen their hands and avoid injuries.

Bandages are an important element of sports equipment. They are produced by such leading companies as Everlast, Green Hil, Adidas and others.

In our store you can buy boxing bandages: For professionals (4, 5 m, 5 m long) -For lovers (2, 75m, 3m, 3, 5m, 4m) -For children (1, 8m, 2m, 2, 5m) .

Depending on the material and the degree of its stretching, boxing bandages are divided into cotton (not stretched) and elastic. Cotton bandages for boxing better absorb moisture, but limit the movement of the brush. Depending on the preferences of the athlete, boxing bandages can be selected by color.

It is important to be able to bandage the hand correctly. To facilitate winding, the bandages have a loop for the thumb and Velcro for fastening.

How to order boxing bandages in Moscow

The prices of bandages mainly depend on their length and brand of the manufacturer. Coloring does not affect the price. Therefore, choosing a bandage, we pay attention to the following points:

we decide on the material — we select the length of the bandage “for ourselves” – we get professional advice – call our sellers by contact phone or make a request by e-mail-

Rashguard Hayabusa

Short Sleeve Rashguard

RASHGUARD HAYABUSA ELEVATE ● Excellent protection against unscrupulous sparring partners. After all, we all know that the struggle involves constant contact with another person and obscenities. And in this equipment the probability of catching some kind of skin disease, irritation or acne is reduced to zero ● Applied compression technology provides accelerated blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles ● Warm up becomes more effective, your muscles activate faster and their recovery time is accelerated ● In this you are not afraid of minor abrasions and burns on mats. ● During a break, this equipment does not allow your body to cool, which helps prevent stretching, minor muscle injuries and matings. ● Micro-fabric provide an ideal thermoregulation, bringing sweat ● Day after day, the antimicrobial properties of this T-shirt to prevent the growth of bacteria and the formation of odor ● Aesthetic athlete, especially if you have a raised body. A soldier dressed in such a tight-fitting outfit looks very impressive and frightening for his opponent ● They pass air well, dry very quickly and practically do not tear. To ruin and tear such equipment you need to make a lot of effort. And it’s very convenient and effective to practice it, you practically don’t feel it on yourself, because it is very light. ● Sublimated design that will never be erased ● The fabric stretches in four directions

We are waiting for you at the address: Lenin St. 88 SEC Bazar, 3rd floor