Boxing Receptions

for beginners
I showed Kolya basic boxing tricks

Former world champion seriously set to regain his title

– Will you part with Alexander Bakhtin, your current ward?

– No. But transporting Sasha from Japan has not yet been possible. There is simply no money for it. First

but you need to find a sponsor. I’m ready to work with two boxers at once. Once I trained both Orzubek Nazarov and Yuri Arbachakov at the same time, and everything worked out.

– Have you followed Valuev’s battles over the years?

– Yes. His technique suffers. Neither Shalaev nor Gabrielyan taught Kolya. But when he became the world champion, he began to brazenly box. Kolya has a winner spirit.

– And how do you assess the defeat from Chagaev?

– Chagaev is not the strongest opponent. Valuev allowed such annoying bloopers that made me sick. A small Uzbek dived under giant Kolya and beat him like a child.

– How is the training going now?

– We work every day. There is not much time left until the September battle.

I showed Nikolai an elementary school of boxing. He taught the simplest techniques – how to switch to the left, to the right. Valuev is very worried that he did not know these basics before. He misallocates his body and muscles. We will develop automatism, then Kolya will have his own battle pattern.

– Already started to prepare Kolya for a fight with the Canadian Bergeron?

– Yes. But I don’t know much about Bergeron. But I know the American boxing style and I can say that their team will not come up with anything new. The level of Russian boxing is still much higher. If Kohl learns to box artfully and variably in three months, then he will surely win and in three or four fights will be able to regain the world title.

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