Maxim Voronov Kickboxing

Voronov Maxim Olegovich

Four-time kickboxing world champion, honored coach, honored master of sports of the Russian Federation, multiple champion of Europe, Asia and Russia, author and host of the Sparring program, sports commentator on Match TV and Fighter, Maxim Voronov, arrived in Sakhalin. He began his acquaintance with island fighters with a master class, the correspondent reports. IA SakhalinMedia.

– Kickboxing consists primarily of boxing techniques, or rather street martial arts. I showed the guys some non-standard tricks. And although the master class was not held for long, I tried to acquaint them with them. Benefit for island fighters will be. Moreover, the Sakhalin people are far from new to this type of martial arts, ”Maxim Voronov shared.

Bag Pear

Pictures Chair bag Pear

A miracle chair on a frameless basis, similar in shape to a delicious fruit. Today, such furniture is becoming increasingly popular. You can buy a bag a pear bag in our online store. We always have a large assortment and low prices.

Dimensions and benefits of a pear chair


The children’s model size M is designed for the age category up to 6 years. Product parameters are: 100 x65 cm, volume – 170 liters. Permissible load – 60 kg. The standard model size L is the teenage and youth version, has the following parameters: height – 120cm, diameter – 85 cm, volume – 240 liters. Allowable weight – 90 kg – The XL model is designed for adults and large people, as well as everyone who wants to feel maximum comfort and has a height of 140 cm, a diameter of 95 cm, and a volume of 360 liters. The load is 160 kg.


weight – up to 5 kg – ergonomics-mobility – to move the product around the room even for a child – elasticity – takes any shape under the weight of a person – there are no sharp corners – easy maintenance – the removable top cover with a zipper is well cleaned and machine washable. there is a chair a pear bag

The price of a pear chair depends on its size and the material from which the cover is made. The cost of each chair is indicated in our catalog.

Where to buy and how to order a chair a pear bag

You can order a chair a pear bag with delivery to any city in Russia in our online store. Delivery is carried out by Russian Post or a transport company.

Martial Arts Equipment Moscow

Boxing leather gloves / deputy

Everything for boxing and martial arts – the online store of goods for boxing

Boxing and all kinds of martial arts require special clothing and equipment. The age of the athlete, the level of skill, the purpose of use affects the choice of products for boxing:

training or amateur competition or professional child, teenager or adult novice athlete or experienced fighter. All this must be considered when buying.

On our website you can choose everything for boxing, equipment for MMA, kimonos for sambo and judo, clothes for Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts from the best world manufacturers.

(the call is free).

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Our store offers various payment methods: in cash (to the courier upon delivery of goods) – using electronic bank cards VISA and MasterCard-

How to Bandage Boxing Bandages

How to choose boxing

Learn to bandage properly to increase impact force and prevent injury. The method used by boxers in the room of Freddie Roach’s Wildcard Boxing.

Why bandage hands at all?

Hands are the boxer’s most important weapon. They consist of many small bones and tendons that are easily damaged. Boxing bandages collect and hold together your wrist, fingers, knuckles.

Many people incorrectly think that this is just an additional protection for the knuckles. This is not so, there are boxing gloves to protect the fist. The bandages, in this way, tighten the hand so that the shock that occurs upon impact causes as little damage as possible.

If the hands are bandaged incorrectly, or there are no boxing bandages at all, then the risk of fracture of the small bones of the wrist is high. Even if they do not break, then various inflammations are possible that will not allow you to do normal homework, type on a computer, hold a pen. In general, believe me – these are very painful and most importantly, long-healing injuries. Save your hands for life after boxing)

How to bandage hands

So, let’s begin!

1. Wrap the loop around your thumb and begin to wrap your hands SURFACE. In the future, always adhere to the direction of the thumb.


2. Three times around the wrist

This provides brush support. If you have short bandages or big hands, then you can make two turns.

3. Then three times around the palm

Just wrap your palm. No need to climb on your knuckles

Finally, return to the base of the thumb.

4. Three through the fingers.

Start with the little finger and ring finger.

Now from the inside towards the big

Then up again. Between the ring finger and middle finger

Formed the second X.

Back to the top. Let’s take a hollow between the middle and index fingers.

We complete the third X by our technology. All fingers are bandaged correctly!

We were under the thumb.

5. Wrap the thumb

Wrap around your wrists once

We turn out from the outer edge of the palm

6. Strengthen the thumb

We skip the bandage from the outside and leave palm down.

We wind the palm. This will allow us to attach the thumb to the entire structure of the fist, which minimizes the possibility of injury. Note that bandaging has changed direction to the thumb.

7. Three times around the knuckles

We wind the bandage over the knuckles.

8. Is there a bandage left?

If you still have a bandage, you can make an additional “X”


You can shake your knuckles a couple of times.

Finish on the wrist.

· You should be comfortable. The hand is relaxed, but when it is clenched into a fist, the bandages are pulled. If after 30 minutes you feel pain or your fingers turn white, then you most likely “dragged” the bandages.

Twins Gloves

Boxing Gloves Twins

TWINS SPECIAL CO. LTD was officially registered on June 2, 1992 and from that moment, it specializes in the manufacture of accessories for boxing and martial arts from genuine leather. The company is based in Thailand and manufactures products under the TWINS trademark. For 60 years, the company has been successfully producing equipment for Thai boxing. TWINS products are known worldwide for their excellent combination of price and quality. TWINS SPECIAL is a leading global exporter of equipment for Thai boxing. In addition, the company produces AIBA-certified boxing gloves and protective equipment for amateur boxing. The remarkable quality of products manufactured under the TWINS brand is based on: 1. Application of the most modern technologies, in accordance with market requirements. 2. Quality control of products in accordance with the wishes of customers. 3. Computer control of the quality of products. The official dealer of TWINS SPECIAL in Russia is TSP. The TSP-SHOP online store has a large assortment of TWINS brand products.

Best Boxing Gloves

2016 Best Sales1 Couple

TITLE – Boxing brand number 1 in Russia, presents the widest selection of gloves for boxing TITLE and FIGHTING SPORTS. Here you will find boxing gloves for every taste and budget. Title Boxing Gloves are of the highest quality, with an unrivaled level of protection and comfort. TITLE uses proven experience over the years, combining them with the latest technologies, developments and high-tech materials. All boxing gloves are created taking into account the requirements and loads of professional use, which ensures the highest level of protection. All TITLE gloves are reliable and durable. The excellent appearance of the gloves crowns the picture of the best gloves in the boxing training gloves segment. Choosing TITLE, you choose the safety and reliability of a professional level.

How Much Boxing Gloves Cost

I sell boxing gloves - 1
Boxing gloves: price and quality of FNMarket products

Even novice athletes know that boxing gloves, the price of which depends on many parameters, are necessary to protect the fighter’s wrists, wrists and forearms during a strike. This explains that these products are an indispensable element of equipment. But before you buy boxing gloves …

Even novice athletes know that boxing gloves, the price of which depends on many parameters, are necessary to protect the fighter’s wrists, wrists and forearms during a strike. This explains that these products are an indispensable element of equipment. But before you buy boxing gloves in an online store or in a regular sporting goods store, you should carefully study all the features of the model you like. Remember, your health and sporting success depends on the correctness of such a choice.

Professionals advise beginners: before you look for where to buy boxing gloves, first figure out what options manufacturers generally offer.

Boxing gloves, the price of which can vary over a fairly wide range, vary:

· By weight (the most common products are 10-18 ounces) –

· By material (you can buy boxing gloves in Moscow or in other cities made of natural or synthetic materials).

· According to the method of fastening.

Decided to buy boxing gloves in the online store? Read the product description carefully. Please note that products of different weights correspond to the weight category of the athlete. From here a simple conclusion: the lighter the fighter, the lighter gloves models will suit him. Products designed for young athletes have the smallest weight. Children’s boxing gloves, the price of which, in most cases, is lower than the cost of gloves for adults, have a weight of 6 ounces.

For training, products from 10 ounces or more are usually used. Having decided to buy such boxing gloves in Moscow or in another city, you will provide maximum protection to your hands. Another important point: in the process of training, it is better to use special training and shell gloves.

When thinking about where to buy boxing gloves, look at the stores that offer products made from quality materials. For professional fights, it is better to choose products made from genuine leather. It perfectly retains its appearance and has a long service life. Today, some manufacturers are ready to offer a worthy alternative to leather products – gloves made from synthetic materials. However, experts still advise, if possible, to choose products from genuine leather.

Everything for karate

Brush protection (protectors) for

Karate is a guarantee of good physical shape, wonderful mood and fortitude. Classes in this martial art attract people of different ages and are popular in all countries of the world. Equipment during training, asphyxiation, grabs and throws should be as convenient as possible, not hamper the movement and protect from bumps and injuries.

Clothes for karate in Moscow

All kimonos are made from lightweight natural materials suitable for active workouts. On the site you can buy shockproof pads by choosing suitable in size, color and material. Among the products there are items suitable for children.

Defense for karate

Engaging in a traumatic sport without mandatory attributes is unsafe. To make classes more comfortable and protect yourself from possible injuries and unpleasant pain, you need to carefully approach the acquisition of protection. Here you can order a suitable mouthguard for an adult or a child, boxing bandages, medical protection for the brush made of elastic, protection of the groin, ankle, forearm, feet, helmets and other accessories.

Order terms

We offer convenient conditions for ordering and delivery of goods. You need to select your favorite position and add it to the basket. Then you can specify a convenient method of delivery: pickup, courier services or sending by mail. Payment is made by card, cash or bank transfer. After adding contact information in the order, our managers will contact you shortly and answer all your questions.

Boxing Equipment Shop Moscow

New arrivals useful

The sportaim sports online store offers you to get acquainted with a wide selection of products for martial arts from leading world and Russian manufacturers. Here you can buy boxing gloves, equipment and other equipment for all lovers and professionals of martial arts, contact and wrestling sports.

Our assortment contains products for martial arts:

Boxing – a wide selection of boxing gloves from global manufacturers: Adidas, Green Hill, Title, Everlast, Twins, Viking. Boxing gloves of various types, shapes and sizes. As well as a large number of models: boxing helmets, pears, bags. A complete set of accessories: mouthguards, bandages, protection, paws, boxing and many others. other

Wrestling – the range of this sport is expanding every day and soon you will find everything you need for training: leotards, wrestling shoes and many additional accessories.

Judo, sambo, karate – a high-quality assortment of kimonos, many models are approved by the federations for these types.

It also offers a wide variety of additional accessories and devices that will help athletes achieve their tops.

The site presents boxing gloves from leading brands. The widest assortment is assembled. Our online store tries to keep prices the lowest in the market. You can buy a boxing bag or a mouth guard without any problems.

Why is it profitable to buy from us?

Quality. All products presented at us have certificates of conformity. All models are made of high quality materials. Some boxing gloves, helmets have AIBA approval

A wide range of. You can easily not only buy boxing gloves in one store, but also a complete set of equipment: boxing shorts, tights, kimonos, shoes, buy a rope, bandages and many others, as well as additional equipment. You can also buy a boxing kit right away.

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Convenient delivery. If you want to buy boxing gloves or other equipment in Rostov-on-Don, then we will deliver the required goods to your home. And also we ship all over Russia by any means convenient for you.

Leather Boxing Gloves

Leather Sporting Goods

The Adidas Hybrid 300 is an ultra-new series of boxing gloves. Hybrid 300 is the top model from the line. They are made of high quality genuine leather. The gloves are made of a composite block with an integrated foam layer, giving the glove unique shock-absorbing characteristics. And its ergonomic shape provides the boxer with an incredibly comfortable fit glove on his hand and maximum safety. An additional reinforced wide glove cuff with integrated protective elements eliminates the risk of injury to the hand. The glove is equipped with an innovative Velcro system for tight and accurate fixation of boxing gloves. Composition: 100% genuine leather.

New composite block with integrated foam layer. High-quality genuine leather. Original design. Innovative closure system. Maximum safety. Reinforced cuffs.