Boxing Outfit

What is necessary

Moscow! 1500₽ + 1000₽Between the filming of the new comedy series “City” for the TNT channel, children in the group are required on an ongoing basis!

Children aged 10-11 years engaged in boxing, the ability to use boxing paraphernalia!

For the role: children in the boxing section.

Filming will take place mainly in the metro area Volgogradsky Prospekt.

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS: Parent: 1.PASSPORT RF2.SNILS3.INN4.BANK CARD 5..DETAILS to a bank card! 6. birth certificate of the child.

The selection will take place in 2 stages: 1) selection by questionnaire: We send 5-10 photos, indicate: name, age, height, size of clothes, size of shoes, and phone number.

2) those who like the photos, we ask you to remove the video card and send it to us!

Attention: the project is designed as you saw at the beginning of the announcement for more than a year. We need responsible, decent people who are ready for relatively permanent employment !!!

Filming will take place both indoors and outdoors, we look forward to a full 12-hour shift.

Payment: 1500 rubles per hand per shift + 1000 rubles per card in case a text appears.

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