Klitschko Kickboxing

Dasha Kochneva / kickboxing

In 1992, the current world boxing champion painfully lost in a kickboxer competition

The Polish sports portal Babol.pl invites its visitors to watch a video in which the famous Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko was sent by an opponent to a deep knockout. Most likely it was Vitaly’s battle with the Englishman Pele Reid.

An archived record of dubious quality is accompanied by the following comment:

“Vitali Klitschko is in a knockout! It’s hard to imagine something like that. Since 2003, the Ukrainian with enviable regularity defeated all his rivals, including the Poles Albert Sosnovsky and Tomasz Adamek, and have never been on the floor of the ring. However, recently in The 1992 video appeared on the web, in which his opponent’s punch was so accurate that the now famous Doctor Iron Fist collapsed like a knocker. “

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