Types of Pears for Boxing

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The main difference between a punch bag and a punch bag is not only its elongated cylindrical shape, but also its great weight. Manufacturers of sports equipment today offer bags of different sizes and weights. Most often in sports halls you can find boxing bags weighing about 32 kg. They allow you to work on punches and combinations of kicks with hands and feet.

Classification of boxing bags (types):

1) A cylindrical boxing bag (25-45 kg) will help to work out the most diverse types of punches, thanks to the cylinder and the sphere that this bag consists of.

2) Boxing water-filling bag – a boxing bag on a solid, stable base, installed on the floor (ground). It consists of the upper part (bag) and the lower part (base). The upper part is made in the form of a mannequin or a standard leather bag, like a punching bag. The lower part for projectile stability is filled with water or sand. When filling with sand, the weight of the base is almost 2 times greater than when filling with water, which allows you to apply more powerful blows to the bag. Most floor bags can be height-adjustable relative to the base. The most convenient and safe for training.

3) Children’s floor bag – often made as a bag of durable rubber, inflated with air and decorated with some kind of children’s pattern. Children’s bags are smaller and lighter than bags for adult athletes – the standard sizes for inflatable children’s pears are 30 cm in diameter, 38 cm in diameter, the height of the children’s punching bag is adjustable from 90 to 130 cm.

4) Boxing bag of banana – It was invented for kickboxing so that fighters could work out low kicks, kicks and sweeps. This equipment weighs 90 kg, so it is suitable for building up the strength and power of blows.

5) Bag boxing cone (or “sleeve”) – will be needed when practicing uppercuts and side, direct blows to the head. The cylindrical lower and conical upper planes are impact surfaces.

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