Boxer Exercises


Boxing is a contact sport that requires an athlete not only to master the techniques of shock, counterattack, defense, but also serious general physical training.

Unlike athletes of cyclic sports widows, boxers should equally well develop all physical qualities. Conventionally, there are several types of exercises that are included in the training program of boxers.

1. General developmental exercises are basic exercises that increase strength, dexterity, quick reaction, endurance and other functional capabilities of the body. In turn, this group is divided into two subspecies: Indirect exercises are not like special boxing exercises, but they increase muscle strength and endurance. These include rowing, skiing, swimming. A special role here is given to jumping rope, since jumping increases coordination, endurance and dexterity.

First, the boxer learns to jump at a moderate pace for 3-10 minutes, when his body gets used to it, then the training includes jumping alternately on each leg, double jumps, jumping with the hips raised, with the tibia ejected forward and overwhelmed. The number of repetitions depends on the level of physical preparation of the athlete.

Specialized exercises for boxers use those muscles that work directly in a duel. Cross, sprint and interval running, shot put, exercises with stuffed balls are used. Quite popular exercise with a tennis ball, which is performed as follows.

The boxer alternately with each hand hits the ball on the floor, while doing extraordinary jumps in a circle. Another exercise with a tennis ball: a special bandage is put on the head of the boxer, in front of which is attached a long elastic elastic band with a ball at the end. It is necessary to box the ball alternately, trying to hit it every time.

2. Special exercises for boxing, designed to improve the athlete’s technique. Among them, the basic ones are distinguished:

Shadow boxing is a duel with a conditional, imaginary opponent. A boxer can work out in this way the combinations of defense and attack that he has learned, and also increases the speed and technicality of strikes. Shadow boxing is often used as a warm-up before the main competition.

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