Sports Nutrition for Boxers

Sports Nutrition for

The sports nutrition complex for boxers has its own specifics, and many of the principles relevant in bodybuilding are unacceptable in this sport. Without exception, all boxers strive for a minimum fat content in the body, as well as bodybuilders, however, tactical approaches are completely different, if not diametrically opposed. Bodybuilders can gain muscle mass for a long time, allowing some increase in fat, after which a fat burning cycle is carried out. Boxers need to take special supplements that will only increase lean muscle mass, or keep their body composition unchanged, while increasing endurance, strength and speed of impact, as well as mental concentration, which are key in this sport.

Unfortunately, not all athletes are destined to become like Muhammad Ali, since a lot of natural data decide. Nevertheless, science has come quite far and modern sports nutrition can give you significant advantages. In this article we will try to highlight the most necessary and most effective sports nutrition for boxers, which will achieve the best results.

So, currently the market offers a large selection of additives, and in this article we will try to describe the most optimal and suitable options, listed in order of importance, which are of natural origin, safe for health and have maximum effectiveness.

The supplements listed below are ideal not only for boxers, but also for people involved in other martial arts: karate, judo, sambo, etc.

1. represent the blocks from which the protein is built. Many people ask, what are the advantages of amino acids over protein, if the latter is the source of the former? Firstly, amino acids are absorbed instantly, which is very important at certain points, especially before and immediately after training. Secondly, different amino acids are of different value in this sport. The most valuable amino acids are:

Citrulline is a powerful muscle restorer that prevents overtraining. Glutamine – not only restores muscles, but also provides additional energy during battle. BCAAs are the most important amino acids that suppress catabolic processes and restore muscles.

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