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On December 8, 1997, a navy officer disappeared in Kamchatka. As it turned out later, he moved into the past. From this “journey” he was not destined to return. On the Kamchatka Peninsula military bases like hair on the head – all can not be counted. On one of the coastal bases of the Navy this emergency happened. [More] On a winter morning, a Captain of rank III took a shift and entered the duty officer on the brigade. During the day he received reports, gave orders, resolved issues and, according to the instructions, periodically reported upstairs: without incident. Sometimes he said to the assistant “I’ll go, I’ll walk through”, put on a blindfold and went to watch with his watchful eye, is everything all right at the base entrusted to him.

In the morning a new outfit came to take the watch, and it turned out that there was no one to take it from. According to the assistant, the captain went into the next round at night, and since then has not returned and the assistant “pulled” all the service at night.

Missing Officer

The new duty officer, not embarrassed by his subordinates, expressed everything that he thought of the missing duty officer. Calls flew home to the officer who had left the shift, his fellow soldiers, sailors ran to all ends of the base with an instruction “to find a duty officer and not return without him.” However, a cap-three sank into the water. When it was no longer possible to pull further, the officer who entered the shift called the base commander and reported on the emergency: the duty officer disappeared along with the service weapon.

The commander put the base on his ears. A dozen search teams looked into every crack, examined every hole in the territory of the base and its environs, and the officers who led the search parties cursed their teeth and each wondered what he would do to the captain when he found him.

It soon became clear that a cap-three did not come home, none of his colleagues appeared. The commander contacted representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police took control of all civilian and military airports and airfields – in December, the peninsula could only be left by plane. The officer was searched for a very long time, but was not found.

Terrible find

Two months later, in the mountainous region of Kamchatka, hunters found the remains of a man, or rather his bones. Since there was a naval officer uniform on the bones, the find was reported where it should be. Arriving representatives of the military prosecutor’s office carefully examined the find.

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