Boxer Protection Types

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– basic protection against side impacts to the head. The purpose of this protection is to quickly group the body (“diving”) to protect the head from a side impact. The boxer, performing the defense with a dive, makes a quick, continuous movement, describing the head as if in a semicircle: slightly crouches, tilts the head and body down, makes a movement towards the beating hand of the opponent and then straightens. In this case, the boxer does not lose sight of the enemy. When defending, the boxer must be in a stable position, so that it is more convenient to return to the fighting stance or to strike a counterattack. Counterattacks combined with protection by a dive are divided into two types: counter (at the moment of a dive) and response (when straightening the body after a dive). Boxer protection – Dive

A stop is a defense, in which a boxer puts a palm or forearm on the shoulder of the opponent’s beating arm, above the bend of the elbow, at the moment when it begins to move the blow. Against blows with the left, stops are applied only with the right hand and against the right with the left hand. Observance of this condition allows the boxer to use his free hand to protect himself from blows that the opponent can inflict with the other hand. Stop protection is usually used at medium and near distances from side impacts and impacts from below. Stop protection is not applied against direct impacts.

Boxer Protection – Stop

Repulsing – defending, in a swarm of the opponent’s hand, performing a blow, repulsing to the side from the line of its movement to the target. It is applied from direct blows. Repulsing produce a push of the palm in the forearm or elbow of the enemy. There are two main methods of protection by rebound: in and out. When bouncing in, the protective movement is carried out: with the right hand – from right to left, with the left hand – from left to right. When beating out, the movement is performed in the opposite direction. In addition to the above-mentioned methods of protection by rebound, the rebound is often used upward, with the rum, the protective arm moves up-right (right) or up-left (left).

Boxer Protection – Batter

Stand – a defense consisting in the support of the palm, elbow or shoulder (depending on which direction the opponent chose to strike) under the fist of the opponent’s beating hand. The stand is applicable as protection against all enemy attacks and at long, and medium, and near range. When the boxer is put under the blow, the boxer reliably protects vulnerable cues and also uses the protection of the left shoulder stand, while from the left side impact to the head they are protected by the right forearm stand. Blows from below stop with a palm of the right or left hand. The protecting arm is exposed to the blow at the end of the movement of the striking arm. When protecting the stand, a free hand is usually used for counterattack.

Boxer Protection – Stand

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