Boxing Punch Technique

Types Of Punches In Boxing Boxing

This is the most effective direct hit. It is also perhaps the most lightning strike, which has the effect of surprise. The technique involves a sharp movement of a hand from a stand by the dominant hand and a push of the same leg. Then the weight is transferred to the opposite leg. Cross falls over the opponent’s hand and is applied with a lunge or from a place.


It is a direct long blow, which is applied over long distances. Prevails in the arsenal of tall boxers with long arms, which is convenient to box from a long distance. This strike is not considered as the strongest, but has great tactical significance. Used for a combination of power strikes and for counterattack. Jeb allows you to check your opponent and identify his weaknesses. This is the fastest strike, because it is applied along the shortest path and makes it possible to control the distance between the enemy. Jeb is the main weapon in the arsenal of high-speed boxers, combinational boxing fighters and tempoviks who are used to setting the rhythm of the whole fight. Technique: to perform a jab, you need to throw out your hand until it is fully extended. At the end point of movement, the fist should be turned with the palm to the floor.

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