How to Choose Boxing Gloves

How to choose boxing

Arriving in the section of hand-to-hand combat, boxing, Muay Thai or other contact martial arts, immediately after the mouth guard you should purchase boxing gloves. How to choose boxing gloves, what to focus on and how not to overpay for your first gloves will be discussed later. After the depreciation of the ruble, the prices of good imported boxing gloves have skyrocketed and the price / quality ratio is very relevant.

In this article we will talk about “amateur” gloves, since in “professional combat” boxing is exclusively professional and only in official fights.

What should be the weight of the glove. Gloves are separated by weight, which is measured in ounces (Oz). Usually in Russian halls they work with 10-12 Oz gloves, however, in some sections for sparring they use heavier gloves. Before buying, ask your trainer. Typically, you will need 10 Oz gloves, or 12 if you’re a heavyweight.

What to look for first. In amateur boxing gloves, the thumb is positioned along the fist. The better it is “hidden” behind the impact area of ​​the glove, the less likely it is to injure a finger in case of an unsuccessful hit. If when trying to see that the thumb sticks out to the side – do not take such gloves. This moment is disassembled on video.

Boxing gloves should sit well on the hand. Everyone has different fists, try on gloves before buying this or that model. It is better to measure in boxing bandages. Gloves should sit tight enough and not hang out. Elongated gloves are more suitable for me.

A gloved fist should be more or less tightly compressed. The denser it is, the safer your brush is when it hits. Having tried on several models, you will understand what is at stake.

Velcro – it is she who is often the first to fail. It also depends on the Velcro how comfortable the glove sits on your hand. I prefer Velcro gloves on the back of the forearm above the wrist. The higher and wider the Velcro, the “lighter” the gloves appear on the hand.

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