Shadow Combat Guide


What is shadow boxing? Why do pros do so much exercise? More importantly, how can you do shadow boxing in different ways to improve your fighting skills?

Shadow boxing is not just throwing punches alone.

Shadow Boxing is one of the oldest, purest, and most versatile exercises to improve many aspects of your fighting abilities.

Learn how to fight with shadow to become a natural fighter.

What is shadow boxing?

Shadow boxing is when a boxer or fighter moves alone, throwing punches into the air. Shadow fighting is a popular exercise for fighters to hone fighting techniques, increase muscle endurance, is used to warm up or hitch during training, or even to mentally prepare yourself before the fight. Carried out correctly and with the right goals in your head, shadow boxing can improve your boxing technique, strength, power, speed, endurance, rhythm, leg work, attack and defense, and generally boxing skills.

What are the benefits of shadow boxing?

Shadow Boxing is incredibly versatile, due to its free style and simplicity. You can practice whatever you want without distractions (a spinning bag, or an opponent trying to hit you), and you can get instant feedback from a mirror, from a trainer or camera. You don’t need any equipment or anyone. Shadow boxing is quite harmless because you are not punished for mistakes. All you need is your imagination and you can practice virtually any movement you want.

The disadvantage of shadow boxing may be that it is not always realistic, like a real battle. There is no one to correct you. Even if you fight with an imaginary opponent, there is a good chance that this imaginary opponent moves in the same way as you would with very great predictability. Fighting with a real enemy is always harder because it is unpredictable and forces you to change your thoughts and react on the fly.

Most boxers do not devote enough time to shadow boxing.

The reason why I say this is because the fighters do not have good movements. They may have good power and good speed, but their movements are neither natural nor relaxed. No matter how athletically impressive they look, they do not look coordinated. I see a guy panting and sniffling, sweating and grunting, just to move his body.

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