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Boxing Gloves Twins

TWINS SPECIAL CO. LTD was officially registered on June 2, 1992 and from that moment, it specializes in the manufacture of accessories for boxing and martial arts from genuine leather. The company is based in Thailand and manufactures products under the TWINS trademark. For 60 years, the company has been successfully producing equipment for Thai boxing. TWINS products are known worldwide for their excellent combination of price and quality. TWINS SPECIAL is a leading global exporter of equipment for Thai boxing. In addition, the company produces AIBA-certified boxing gloves and protective equipment for amateur boxing. The remarkable quality of products manufactured under the TWINS brand is based on: 1. Application of the most modern technologies, in accordance with market requirements. 2. Quality control of products in accordance with the wishes of customers. 3. Computer control of the quality of products. The official dealer of TWINS SPECIAL in Russia is TSP. The TSP-SHOP online store has a large assortment of TWINS brand products.

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