How to Make a Boxing Pear yourself

DIY punching bag

High quality punching bag boxing floor 143881/1 on a water-filling (filling) base will appeal to all athletic and active boys. The punching bag itself is an inflatable one. Complete with a pear floor is a pump.

The floor pear on the water filling (filling) base has a stand that is adjustable in height from 80-110 cm. The pneumatic boxing pear is made of durable leatherette. Easy to install. Perfect for practicing in the gym and at home.

The lower stand the base of the pear is filled with water, sand or other filler for stability. A high-quality water filling platform with a punching bag in the kit for practicing impact speed, an excellent design for training boxers.

Product specifications: designed to work out strength, rigidity and accuracy of impacts — for stability, the stand at its base is filled with water or sand, the diameter of the support is 33 cm, the diameter of the pear is 23 cm, the height is adjustable: 80-110 cm, the pump is included in the package.

High-quality pear floor on a water-filling (filling) base for practicing various strokes.

Features: The flooring punching bag has a reliable spring base. The punching bag on the water-filling (filling) base has excellent flexibility, which makes it possible to quickly return to its original state. It is firmly fixed with a spring strut to a solid PVC base. The flooring punching bag is easy to assemble and move .In order to give maximum stability to the floor pear, it is enough to fill the plastic base with water or sand. The height of the pear with a base of 110 cm is very convenient for practicing blows.

The mobile, floor pear bag is suitable for training and development of various strokes.

Designed for boxing, martial arts, and for fitness training. Round shape for ease of movement around the machine.

the base is filled with water-height-adjustable. Types of punching bags, design, prices

Boxing pears are designed to work out speed, accuracy and impact force in all types of martial arts, where shock equipment is used.

Types of punching bags

Depending on the method of fastening the pears are divided into:

1) pears on the suspension

2) pears on stretch marks

The pears on the suspension are attached from the upper end with the help of a webbing loop and a special swivel mounted on the platform for the pear.

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