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Boxing shoes are an indispensable part of the boxer’s equipment, it affects the speed and sharpness of movement in the ring. Boxers need to be bought for those athletes who plan to periodically compete in boxing competitions. They are much more comfortable than running sneakers or gym shoes. When buying, you need to be guided by the style of work in the ring, which is inherent to you.

Step 1.

Choose boxers!

And only in a specialized store of goods for boxing, where several options are presented. Do not confuse them with wrestlers, which are much softer and designed for a different coating. If you are just starting your way in boxing, you may not even notice the difference, but boxing shoes are much better suited for the ring.

Step 2

Choose your ankle height option!

There are two options for the ankle. Low boxers look like oversized sneakers. They don’t give that level of support for the ankles like tall boxers, but they can move around the ring faster. If you are a sharp boxer, then you better choose the low option. If your motto is constant movement, it is preferable to buy high boxers.

IMPORTANT: low boxers, much easier to wear.

Step 3

Lightness and good outsole!

Fights often last for several rounds, and a standard boxing training session can take up to 2 hours. Therefore, choose the lightest boxers that your budget will support. High-quality boxing shoes are made of modern synthetic materials or genuine leather with nylon inserts, which reduces weight and allows the legs to “breathe”. The importance of ribbed soles for better traction is understood without much explanation.

Step 4

Trying is required!

Never buy boxers without trying on. Choose the size that you wear in everyday life. It should be remembered that boxing shoes should sit very tight, but not put pressure on their feet. When you wear boxers for trying on, then get up, go for a walk, you can jump a little on the spot. All the minor inconveniences that you feel during the fitting, during training or battle will develop into real pain.

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